About Us

Our vision is that,

Automation is the Goal & AI is the Means.

Computer Robot
Black Drone

Our Prediction for Future

of Human Civilization

Whatever can be automated will be automated and whatever can be digitised will be digitised.

Therefore, at Simhatel, our aim is 'Let's Create Intelligent Technologies for Digital World'

Our Focus

  • Digitisation of industrial resources

  • Tele-operation & cloud integration of industrial assets

  • AI enabled predictive maintenance mechanism

  • Intelligent Machine Vision for autonomous platforms

  • Development of Machine Learning based analytical tools for data analysis

  • Robotic platforms for intelligent inspection, maintenance and repair (IMR) of industrial infrastructures & facilities

Meet The Team

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Dr. Amit Shukla

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Assistant Professor, SE, IIT Mandi, HP, India

Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, Mechatronics, Control Systems, Electric Vehicles

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Dr. Hamad Karki

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Associate Professor, Mechanical Engineering, Khalifa University of Science and Technology, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Robotics, Mechatronics, Control Systems

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Mr. Arjun Sharma

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Design Engineer, Mechanical Engineering

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Ms. Vidya Sudevan

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Robotics Engineer, Electrical Engineering

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Mr. Vishnu Bhadran

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NDT Sensor Technology Expert, Mechanical Engineering